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Grizzly bears, black bears, wolves, coyotes, cougars/ mountain lions,bobcats, wolverines, lynx, foxes, fishers and martens are the suite of carnivores that originally inhabited North America after the Pleistocene extinctions. This site invites research, commentary, point/counterpoint on that suite of native animals (predator and prey) that inhabited The Americas circa 1500-at the initial point of European exploration and subsequent colonization. Landscape ecology, journal accounts of explorers and frontiersmen, genetic evaluations of museum animals, peer reviewed 20th and 21st century research on various aspects of our "Wild America" as well as subjective commentary from expert and layman alike. All of the above being revealed and discussed with the underlying goal of one day seeing our Continent rewilded.....Where big enough swaths of open space exist with connective corridors to other large forest, meadow, mountain, valley, prairie, desert and chaparral wildlands.....Thereby enabling all of our historic fauna, including man, to live in a sustainable and healthy environment. - Blogger Rick

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Monday, May 14, 2012

An outstanding friend of this blog, naturalist and Infrared Wildlife Photography expert Frank Carbone Jr.supplied me with some great "snapshots" of Eastern Coyotes(Coywolves) from southeastern New York State.........Often "blonde" in coloration, these Coyotes(as we have continually discussed) are on average a good 10 to 15 pounds heavier than their Western counterparts(up to 50 pounds versus the 15 to 35 pounders found in the midwest and western states) based on what biologists feel is an influx of 10 to 15% Eastern Wolf DNA that was "injected" into the animals upon mating with Wolves in Eastern Canada in the early 20th century...........Frank's pictures and commentary below for your enjoyment and education..........Frank, send us more please!!!!!!!


 To: Rick Meril
From: Frank Carbone
re: Eastern Coyote pictures and thoughts from Southeastern New York State

.After examining tens of thousands of digital infrared photos over the past five years - along with many years of personal observations and photographing many creatures we share our environment with – I feel it's about time I share some of this special information and photos with kindred spirits and others. This presentation will include some special pictures I've never shared with anyone.
The Coywolf mentioned in the subject line is a hybrid of different species of wild canids. Some biologists have different theories. But DNA testing by Dr. Roland Kays has proven that many of the so-called coyotes we have here in NYS have significant red wolf DNA. Another well known and respected biologist/researcher from Massachusetts – Jonathan Way - recommends calling this hybrid 'coywolf' based on his vast field experience with this hybrid.    

The photos/power point slides I'll be presenting are of average resolution in daylight conditions while others taken in complete darkness - with infrared equipment producing sepia color photos - are of lower resolution. Some of the equipment and techniques used will also be presented.
I'll be speaking/presenting next month to individuals interested in the wildlife of our region of NYS - especially nocturnal creatures usually unseen and unknown by many humans who live in urban and suburban areas. At this point I've got a date with one Orange County library to do a lecture/slide show on the subject but this hasn't been officially announced yet.
If my first presentation goes well I'll be available for others before after July 28th.

Eastern Coyote footprint
They're all here for a reason and a purpose – will homo sapiens accept this natural fact?
Peace to all,
. . frank carbone jr.

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