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Grizzly bears, black bears, wolves, coyotes, cougars/ mountain lions,bobcats, wolverines, lynx, foxes, fishers and martens are the suite of carnivores that originally inhabited North America after the Pleistocene extinctions. This site invites research, commentary, point/counterpoint on that suite of native animals (predator and prey) that inhabited The Americas circa 1500-at the initial point of European exploration and subsequent colonization. Landscape ecology, journal accounts of explorers and frontiersmen, genetic evaluations of museum animals, peer reviewed 20th and 21st century research on various aspects of our "Wild America" as well as subjective commentary from expert and layman alike. All of the above being revealed and discussed with the underlying goal of one day seeing our Continent rewilded.....Where big enough swaths of open space exist with connective corridors to other large forest, meadow, mountain, valley, prairie, desert and chaparral wildlands.....Thereby enabling all of our historic fauna, including man, to live in a sustainable and healthy environment. - Blogger Rick

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Monday, July 2, 2012

When you continue to get objective and factual information pointing to how minimal an impact Wolves have on livestock in the Rocky Mtn and Great Lake States, you have to truly wonder about the mentality of our fellow citizens in these regions who are nearly manic in their hatred of Wolves, Pumas and Grizzlies..........It is obviously not the carnivores that they hate, it is what those carnivores seem to represent to them--intrusive Federal Government control of their lives; a feeling of despair about their lives that is displaced onto Govenrment,,,,,,with our Wolves, Pumas and Griz as Scapegoats?

Latest official Wyoming wolf report shows livestock losses continue to be trivial

By ;The Wildlife News

Wyoming wolf population is stable and depredations of livestock low-
Mike Jimenez manages the wolves in Wyoming outside of Yellowstone National Park. He works for the federal government. This is because Wyoming wolves are not yet delisted from the protection of the endangered species act. Jimenez has just released the latest statistics and details of the Wyoming wolves.  It is important that this is chronicled because it won't be long until these reports are no more, with the State of Wyoming likely to gain management contr0l and stage a big wolf reduction because of some kind of reason.

Guard dog with sheep

The wolf manager's latest report shows wolves killed a mere 12 cattle (mostly calves) so far this year (and injured 7 more calves).  Only 16 sheep were killed.  Fourteen wolves were killed in response to these livestock losses. Most of the sheep lost were SW Wyoming where wolves will be classified as vermin when the state plan is approved by the federal government. The state's wolf population declined in 2011.  Of course, population figures are not in for 2012, but preliminary reports show no indication of any big change.

Wyoming Wolf-black color phase

Those who want to see Wyoming wolves in the wild should brave the likely wildfires to see them because it might be their last chance of that being a reasonable possibility.

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