Parks Canada, grizzly bear, Bear #122, Elk feeding

Bear #122 became famous for killing and feeding on a black bear
 earlier this year and was spotted by resource conservation staff
 making a meal of an elk last week.
The large male grizzly is one of the parks’ collared bears and
 weighs between 600 and 700 pounds.
Conservation officers removed seven elk that had fallen through
 the ice on the Bow River upstream of the Banff townsite earlier
 this month.
A few days later they were notified that bear #122 was feeding
 on another elk carcass near the river.
Staff say the bear fed from the elk for a week and even slept on
 it to make sure no other predators snacked on his meal.
They captured images of bear #122 feeding and say he is well
 known to them.
Conservation officers say the big grizzly should be ready for the
 long cold winter and that the protein will be a big boost to his
 system when he emerges in the spring.
They say people should be aware that the bears are still active
 at this time of year and to be alert when out on area trails.
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