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Grizzly bears, black bears, wolves, coyotes, cougars/ mountain lions,bobcats, wolverines, lynx, foxes, fishers and martens are the suite of carnivores that originally inhabited North America after the Pleistocene extinctions. This site invites research, commentary, point/counterpoint on that suite of native animals (predator and prey) that inhabited The Americas circa 1500-at the initial point of European exploration and subsequent colonization. Landscape ecology, journal accounts of explorers and frontiersmen, genetic evaluations of museum animals, peer reviewed 20th and 21st century research on various aspects of our "Wild America" as well as subjective commentary from expert and layman alike. All of the above being revealed and discussed with the underlying goal of one day seeing our Continent rewilded.....Where big enough swaths of open space exist with connective corridors to other large forest, meadow, mountain, valley, prairie, desert and chaparral wildlands.....Thereby enabling all of our historic fauna, including man, to live in a sustainable and healthy environment. - Blogger Rick

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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

"Welcome to the future of urban living".............. "Predators are turning up in cities everywhere, and living among us mostly without incident". "A mountain lion roams the Hollywood Hills and has his own Facebook page". ..........."Coyotes have turned all of Chicago into their territory"................."Are humans equally capable of adapting?" .............Our friend and head of the Chicago Urban Coyote Study, Stan Gehrt estimates there are about 4,000 coyotes that make the "Windy City" home.....He states that "complaints have tapered off as city residents have become accustomed to their new neighbors"....... "The coyotes don’t bite or threaten people(as a rule), though they can be aggressive toward dogs".............. "But dogs in Cook County, which includes Chicago, bite about 3,000 people every year................We continue to chew up wildlife habitat, simultaneously encroaching on existing protected areas via highway building, oil and gas exploration, etc, etc.........In just the last 65 years, our human population has quadrupled from 2.5 billion in 1950 to 7 billion today to a projected 10 billion by mid 21st century..............We keep squeezing the wildlife into smaller and smaller concentric circles and one result is that some of the species are going to attempt to adapt to(or are already doing so) to the urban matrix we have put in place

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Bright Lights, Big Predators

Four-legged refugees now prowl 

 Can we adapt?

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