HARRISONBURG, Va. (AP) -- Virginia game officials
 say hunters are expected to top last year's deer
Matt Knox of the Virginia Department of Game
 and Inland Fisheries says hunters have checked
 in 167,736 deer online this season. That's an
 increase of 12 percent over last year,
according to The Daily News-Record.
Knox said online check-ins account for
roughly 80 percent of all deer kills in the state.
While the count from traditional paper
 check-ins has not been counted, Knox
said he expects it will add between 30,000
 and 50,000 deer kills.
Last year, hunters statewide checked in
 192,278 deer. The number this year is
likely to top that, perhaps ranging up to 218,000.
Those numbers are still below the 10-year
 average of 230,000 deer.