About Keeping Track

Our Philosophy

The fragmentation
 and destruction of
habitat is 
a primary cause of
decline in wildlife populations.
 When development or irresponsible resource
 extraction occurs, critical habitat is often
 unwittingly harmed, simply because no one 
realizes that the area affected is an important
 denning, feeding, wintering or travel area for
one or more species. The isolation of wildlife
 populations within fragmented habitats severely
 compromises the long-term well-being of
 many species as healthy ecosystem functions,
 services and resiliency declines over time.
By monitoring potential habitats and

  recording evidence of use by “focal
 species” over multiple years - citizens can 
obtain the information needed to make informed 
decisions about wildlife habitat stewardship. 
Our adult and youth training programs are
 designed to both inspire community volunteers
as well as turn them into practitioners of a
 science-based field study methodology. 
Keeping Track® recognizes that more 
“boots on the ground” field research is
 essential if we are to successfully conserve 
an appropriate matrix of core and connective habitats.
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