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Grizzly bears, black bears, wolves, coyotes, cougars/ mountain lions,bobcats, wolverines, lynx, foxes, fishers and martens are the suite of carnivores that originally inhabited North America after the Pleistocene extinctions. This site invites research, commentary, point/counterpoint on that suite of native animals (predator and prey) that inhabited The Americas circa 1500-at the initial point of European exploration and subsequent colonization. Landscape ecology, journal accounts of explorers and frontiersmen, genetic evaluations of museum animals, peer reviewed 20th and 21st century research on various aspects of our "Wild America" as well as subjective commentary from expert and layman alike. All of the above being revealed and discussed with the underlying goal of one day seeing our Continent rewilded.....Where big enough swaths of open space exist with connective corridors to other large forest, meadow, mountain, valley, prairie, desert and chaparral wildlands.....Thereby enabling all of our historic fauna, including man, to live in a sustainable and healthy environment. - Blogger Rick

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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Sometimes it feels that we are back 100 years ago during the height of the Federal Government's(Agriculture Dept. Wildlife Services) Wolf/Puma/Coyote/Bobcat extermination program--When you hear a North Carolina nimrod(watch video below) state that the Red Wolf has "a huge advantage" on us humans and will "overrun us" if we allow the Red Wolf rewilding program to continue, it just "turns the stomach"---Are we no further advanced in understanding that all wildlife, both predator and prey, have a role in optimizing the health and beauty of our great Country? USFW Service Poobah's,,,,,,,,,,,Do the right thing,,,,,,,,,,,,Do not let "the needs of the few outweigh the needs of the many" as it relates to following through on the endangered Species Directive that demands that we bring back the Red Wolf as a fully functioning member of our Eastern woodlands


click on link above to watch two minute video on the Red Wolf

For World's Only Wild Red Wolves, a Fateful Decision
The controversial wolves have been reintroduced to North Carolina for 28 years, but now the state wants them removed.


Anonymous said...

Dang, sometimes it's embarrassing being a N. C. resident. I mean first, we had Senator Jesse Helms, then Senator Edwards, then our present Guvner'z transgender fiasco, now THIS! And this IGNORANCE regarding Red Wolves is the worst(and I don't care if they ARE Wolf X Coyote hybrids in origin--they are naturally occurring, fill a particular niche, and these "old bloodlines" are still VALUABLE!) I get into it all the time with folks like the "hunter" quoted in this article, who obviously have never read the first book or article about Red Wolves(or ANY predator), never mind no real actual personal experience with the animals. Other than perhaps a glimpse through gun sights. The ONLY regret I have of the coyotes' expansion East(of which the same ignorant prejudice is shown),is how it is being used as one of the excuses to drop the Red Wolf program. If it DOES get dropped, I can still hope for the "hybrid" survivors, plus the "coy-wolves" reinventing the Red Wolf all across the East, will survive and thumb their snouts at all the ignorant predator-haters out there......L.B.

Rick Meril said...

LB..............we should not let the wolf species(red) go down for the count as we are responsible for its demise, not a natural evolutionary response...............Love the eastern coyotes,,,,,,,,,,,,,love the red wolves