Researchers at
 Washington State
University are examining
whether grizzly bears
 make and use tools.
 And while it's too soon
 to reach a broad scientific
conclusion, at least one
 female bear is
 that, yes, she definitely can.
The study, being conducted
 at WSU's Bear Research
 Education and Conservation
, is documenting eight grizzlies
 faced with the challenge of
getting their claws into a dangling
 food snack that's too
high to reach. No training is involved.
"While it's generally accepted that
 grizzly bears are
 intelligent creatures, until now no
 scientific research
had been conducted on their
 problem-solving skills,"
said WSU veterinary biologist
Lynne Nelson, who is
overseeing the study..
To date, a 9-year-old grizzly
 named Kio has sailed
through each phase, essentially
 nailing the hypothesis
that the species is capable of
tool use.
The study is expected to be
 completed this fall.