The George River caribou
 herd, which migrates
between northern Quebec
and Labrador, has dropped
by 80 per cent in the past
 four years, and there is
 still no cross-border
management plan. 
George River

​There are now about 
14,200 animals left in
 the herd, down from 
700,000 to 800,000 in
the 1980s — a decline
of 98 per cent over two
 decades in what was
once the largest caribou
herd in the world. 
a time when caribou were
plentiful in theKuujjuaq,
 Que. area.
“The land had veins
everywhere, of trails
of caribou,” says the
president of Kuujjuaq’s
 Hunters and Trappers
Organization. “Now those
 trails are no longer there.”