I am writing concerning the letter by Dr. Camay Woodall in the April 18 edition of the Towson Times ("Deer problem around Towson is threat to property, and safety"), concerning the number of deer in the Towson area.I fully agree with Dr. Woodall that the deer population is too large and presents hazards to people's health and the environment.

While allowing a limited hunting season in order to cull the population is a good idea, I think there is better, more environmentally-friendly alternative to bring the deer population to a manageable level.I'm talking about introducing wolves into the Loch Raven reservoir are — in particular, the red wolf (canis rufus).

The Red Wolf and the Eastern Wolf are one and the same

Some still live in North Carolina, where they prey upon white-tailed deer. Being one of the more endangered species of wolves, it would be a big boost for the area, showing the rest of the state how much Towson cares about its natural bio-diversity, while at the same time bringing the deer population down.
As an added bonus, their nocturnal ululations would warm the hearts of Towson area residents lucky enough to live adjacent to or near the Loch Raven woods.

Just as the growing black bear population is helping to bring Western Maryland back its natural heritage, red wolves could be just the thing for this issue.

Patrick Sheridan