Answering reader questions about solving coyote problem

A few weeks ago I dedicated this space to
answering reader questions. As is often the case,
 those answers triggered a flood of new inquiries
 from readers, and I’ll address them here.

The questions are paraphrased, since often several
 come in on the same subject, or are awkwardly
 worded, etc. Many have already been answered
 individually, but will run here because the answers
 may benefit others.
Question: We all know that coyotes are killing the
deer population. Why doesn’t the state put bounty
on coyotes and let hunters solve the problem?
Answer: New York views the coyote as a game
 animal, not vermin, and only allows hunting them
 in a regulated season. That kind of negates a bounty
Besides, maybe killing more coyotes isn’t a good
 idea. I recently saw a magazine interview with
Mississippi State University professor Bruce
Leopold who said as much.He contends if the local
 coyote population is hit hard, it can respond very
quickly to reduced numbers, and female may crank
 out that maximum of 10 to 12 pups in a litter
 instead of two or three. Plus the situation can
shift from a few old coyotes regulating themselves
 — potentially killing each other to maintain
dominance — to a population of young,
inexperienced animals in greater numbers
 who may have a greater impact on your deer