Make room, bald eagle. The House has voted
 to designate the bison the national mammal of
the United States.

The move seeks to elevate the bison's stature to
 that of the bald eagle, long the nation's official bird.
There has not been an official mammal of the United
Prior to approving the measure by voice vote
Tuesday, House members spoke of the
 significance to the nation's history of the bison,
 also known as buffalo. The animals were central
to many Native American cultures and were on
the verge of extinction before revival efforts
established herds on national refuges and parks.
The measure passed by the House must go
 to the Senate for final passage, expected later
this week, before it can go to the president's desk.

List of U.S. 

state mammals

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 of wild carnivores and hoofed

 browsers designated by our 50 

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